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A collection of different datasets. Some of these were made by members of Game Upscale, whereas others are premade from other sources.


Dataset Name Author Cost License Image Amount - Size Description Samples Date Posted
DIV2K Free 0.8K 800 HQ real-world images
Nomos2k musl Free 2536 Raw images were processed on rawtherapee using prebayer deconvolution, AMaZe and AP1 color space. Sources: Adobe-MIT-5k, RAISE, FFHQ, DIV2K, DIV8k, Flickr2k, Rawsamples, SignatureEdits, Hasselblad raw samples and Unsplash. KernelGAN was trained using DLIP on all images, with scale 4x and up to 5k iter, instead of 3k. Hopefully it increases the accuracy of kernels. All files are provided on "kernelgan" folder. Note: in order to use it on traiNNer, you have to give dataroot_kernels path, along with enabling realistic under the resizing presets. I encourage everyone to give it a try and, if possible, mirror the dataset. For now it was made available on MEGA, but I plan to mirror it on other solutions. I've also made available my selected noise patches. They were extracted from multiple images "in the wild", with unknown degradation:

Noise Patches

Video Sample 2021-10-30

VHS Part 1 VHS Part 2 LRx3 Redswag Scalliwag#4629 Free N/A (I do not own any of the images provided) 3128 4k movie frames, 3128(x3) VHS frames - 37.3GB total Sharpening and denoising VHS footage. Used for my VHS Sharpen 1x model, hopefully someone can find this useful or make an even better model than mine. 2022-1-31
ESRGAN_GroundTextures (Ground) tldr_coder#6919 Free Unknown 760 (training ready set) and ~150 for the non-processed set. - 873mb Compressed Photos taken outdoors, some google searching for high quality images too, most under public licenses as far as I know... Outdoor ground textures. Focus on grass, dirt and rocks. These are the training and validation images used to train the GroundTextures model. I don't have all the original images anymore though. 2022-1-27
WorldTex JosephtheKP#3750 Free N/A (I do not own any of the images provided) 200 Images - 4.83GB video game env textures. this is a dataset i compiled rather quickly that i have no use for now, all the images are very high quality and almost entirely blur free 2021-12-26
MIT-Adobe FiveK (MIT5k) Free 5k We collected 5,000 photographs taken with SLR cameras by a set of different photographers. They are all in RAW format; that is, all the information recorded by the camera sensor is preserved. We made sure that these photographs cover a broad range of scenes, subjects, and lighting conditions. We then hired five photography students in an art school to adjust the tone of the photos. Each of them retouched all the 5,000 photos using a software dedicated to photo adjustment (Adobe Lightroom) on which they were extensively trained. We asked the retouchers to achieve visually pleasing renditions, akin to a postcard. The retouchers were compensated for their work.
Zalando RAW HQ Cloth Images wyk Free 76K (there are some duplicates, but they have the same names, so it is simple to remove them) Contains cloth like images. It could be used to train stylegan, for example. 2021-11-04

Mountains Joey Free 648 (sourced via random places on the internet) Originally compiled this for attempting to upscale the infamous mountain image :mountains:. Unfortunately, that didn't end up working. However, it might be useful for realistic SR as well. It took me quite a while to compile all of these, so hopefully it helps someone. 2021-11-05
ASOS mix images wyk Free 20,992 (webp, 7.6 GB) Could be good to train stylegan or fabric resolution enhancements models 2021-11-06
REDS Dataset Free ? This is the Realistic and Dynamic Scenes dataset for video deblurring and super-resolution. Train and validation subsets are publicly available. Downloads are available via Google Drive and SNU CVLab server.

REDS dataset is released under CC BY 4.0 license

SYNLA Free ~2k This dataset is designed to simulate complex line art.
Quixel Megascans Quixel Limited Free 9.89K Discover a world of unbounded creativity. Explore a massive asset library, and Quixel’s powerful tools, plus free in-depth tutorials and resources.
Adobe Stock Adobe $29.99+/Month "Millions" Stock photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors & videos
Pexels Pexels/Various Free Unknown Free stock photos you can use everywhere. ✓ Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required
Poliigon $16+/Month 3.069K
CC0 Textures Free A lot Textures with Normal Maps, Displacement Maps and others in form of JPGS. Most seem to be 8K. The name of the website comes from the license. Limited Free 134.872K Textures for 3D, Graphic Design and Photoshop 15 Free downloads every day!
texturehaven Free 0.133K 100% Free High Quality Textures for Everyone
Gustave Doré's 1866 Bible Illustrations Free 0.241K High-Res Scans of Gustave Doré's 1866 Bible Illustrations
texturelib Limited Free 6.605K Library of quality high resolution textures. Free for personal and commercial use.
Vimeo-90k Free 89.8k This dataset consists of 89,800 video clips downloaded from, which covers large variety of scenes and actions. It is designed for the following four video processing tasks: temporal frame interpolation, video denoising, video deblocking, and video super-resolution.
Triplet (for temporal frame interpolation) Free 73.171K The triplet dataset consists of 73,171 3-frame sequences with a fixed resolution of 448 x 256, extracted from 15K selected video clips from Vimeo-90k. This dataset is designed for temporal frame interpolation.
Septuplets Free 91.701K The septuplet dataset consists of 91,701 7-frame sequences with fixed resolution 448 x 256, extracted from 39K selected video clips from Vimeo-90k. This dataset is designed to video denoising, deblocking, and super-resolution.
falcoon300 LyonHrt and falcoon Free 1.233K LyonHrt: As it has been mentioned, here is the almost complete works of falcoon, as used in the falcoon300 model, this has a selection of 1233 images from original source, I should add there are some scantly clad woman, so nsfw lol.
Danbooru2018 Free 3330K Danbooru2018 is a large-scale anime image database with 3.33m+ images annotated with 99.7m+ tags; it can be useful for machine learning purposes such as image recognition and generation.
Flickr1024 Free 2.048k Flickr1024 is a large stereo dataset, which consists of 1024 high-quality images pairs and covers diverse scenarios. This dataset can be employed for stereo image super-resolution (SR).
Flickr2K Free ? Huge dataset that is being used to train a lot of models.
Caltech Game Covers Free 11.4K Found a dataset of game covers, but there's a ton of duplicates. If I can figure out how to parse the text files and remove the dupes, I'll upload the trimmed down version.
outdoor scene training Free 8.137K outdoor scene training is huge, just the first file has 2,187 pictures (8,137 total)

Other sources lists

If you have some time consider adding them to this list here.