ESRGAN Model Posting Template for Discord

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If you want to post a model, please use the following template. This will tell us the most important information on a glance.

@news @Wiki Editor
**Name:** ModelNameThatIsCreative
**License:** GNU GPL3 for example
**Link:** <>
**Model Architecture:** ESRGAN / PPON / PSNR / SR / ...
**Scale:** 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 or 16
**Purpose:** The kind of images the model is intended to process.

**Iterations:** Your Iterations
**batch_size:** Your batch_size
**HR_size:** Probably either 128 or 192
**Epoch:** The amounts of Epochs you trained your model for.
**Dataset:** What source images you trained you model on. Feel free to use links.
**Dataset_size:** How many images were in your training HR folder
**OTF Training** Yes / No
**Pretrained_Model_G:** What model did you use as a base

**Description:** Your Description