ESRGAN Installation Guide for MacOS

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You will have an easy time here.

  1. Open the Terminal application (CMD + Space, then enter Terminal, press Enter)
  2. Navigate with the terminal to a folder where you want to put the ESRGAN folder in. Create folders with mkdir -p newFolder/newSufolder, switch the currently open folder with cd New/Folder/I/Want/to/Go/In, show the currently open folder by entering pwd, by default you will be in your user folder (alias: ~).
    • Recommendation:
    • mkdir -p ~/code/git && cd ~/code/git
  3. Enter the following line into the Terminal (Copy line with CMD + C, Paste it with CMD + V into the terminal app)
    • pip3 install torch torchvision opencv-python
  4. Clone the ESRGAN Repo (Fork from BlueAmulet), by pasting the following into the Terminal app:

You are done.