Installing IEU on Windows

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First make sure you have already installed ESRGAN and test if it works. After you made sure that that is indeed the case, proceed with this guide.

  1. Download the latest IEU release on the IEU.Winforms releases page.
  2. Extract it to your Neural Network folder, in our setup C:\nn\IEU. If you don't have a program to open and extract archives or use the ancient WinRAR, I recommend to install 7-zip.
  3. Open ImageEnhancingUtility.Winforms.exe in the IEU folder.
  4. It will likely warn you now that some directories don't exist, ignore that for now and click on ok. IEU should now open.
  5. On the top of the new window click on the tab called settings (it should be the third one).
  6. Click on the three dots ... on the right of the ESRGAN BasicSR folder entry.
  7. Navigate to your ESRGAN folder (likely C:\nn\ESRGAN) and click on Select Folder in the bottom right of the folder selection window.
  8. It should have autofilled all paths, if you want to make some changes, now is a good time.

You will find the documentation of IEU here. It will tell you how to use the software. If you want to contribute to it, just like with this wiki, feel free to. Just message ptrsuder or @IEU on Discord first.