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BlackScout's User Page

I have some models on the wiki and some on the GU Discord [exclusives there] and Bot [some exclusives there too]! Some of my models are gone (as in, I don't have a copy of them), maybe Joey has them secured somewhere.

Useful Tools and URLs

I have a Github account: bscout9956 I have made a dataset creator for BasicSR in Python.

That page also includes some instructions on how to use BasicSR, they may be outdated as I'm kind of out of this whole upscale thing for the past few months.

BS' Tips

  • Use clean datasets. No compression, nothing. Add those in the LRs if you wish, but do not place ruined HRs unless you want your model to produce such results.
  • Be aware of the scaling methods used when downscaling LRs or HRs, they can blur out or overshapen your model's results
  • PSNR is good when higher (25-30 avg). LPIPS is good when lower (<0.1 avg). SSIM is good when higher. [YMMV]
  • Training models is about transforming X into Y. Your LRs will eventually become the HRs to a certain degree. The absence of defects/certain features in the LR may render you model useless. The presence of defects/certain features in the HR may render your model useless.