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Eat more fruits

A veteran of the forums, I've dabbled in emulation and texture modding for a while, also a Touhou doujinka.

Some of my notable works:

Muramasa UHD texture pack

Using a custom ESRGAN model, all assets in Vanillaware's Muramasa: The Demon Blade were upscaled 4x so that it could support 4K displays. It is currently available at the Dolphin forums. It has been discussed and reported at wccftech and resetera.

Persona 3 Portable HD UI texture pack

Mostly manual redraw of the UI textures for the PPSSPP emulator. Original can viewed here. I stopped updating it, and others have picked up on development, such as by hououin_kyouma and DemoX.

Muramasa 2K Momohime texture pack

A hand-drawn upscale of Momohime for Muramasa: The Demon blade. Seriously a bad undertaking on my part, and has since been abandoned. Kind of a shame, since it adds fine details that machine upscalers are not capable of doing, but the work process is just too cumbersome.