Maintained BasicSR Forks

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Currently Maintained BasicSR Forks

Victorca25's traiNNer

As of late 2021, this is the recommended fork as it is the most up-to-date one. It includes many features including contextual loss, enhanced degredation pipelines (augmentations), and support for many architectures (SOFVSR, for example)

Xinntao's Original Repo

This is the original BasicSR repository. It was updated to v1 officially, however, it is not recommended as it lacks many of the features the community generally finds useful, and only creates x4 scale new-arch models

Dead BasicSR Forks

BlueAmulet's Fork

This fork added many features like auto-backups, YAML training configs, and Frequency Separation.

It is no longer maintained.

DinJerr's Fork

This fork has lots of cool On The Fly training options added through ImageMagick. This includes different types of dithering and a Kuwahara filter.

It seems to be unmaintained as of late 2021.