Cupscale Installation

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Cupscale is a Windows GUI application that makes ESRGAN upscaling as easy and accessible as possible.


Note: Any "antivirus" warnings can be ignored (Chrome, Windows SmartScreen, etc). They only show up because the program is not well known to their databases yet.

  • Download the latest release (Cupscale.exe) from here. Save the program anywhere - all needed files are contained in the executable.
  • Open the executable. Cupscale will download some resource files on the first run.
  • Cupscale will now prompt you to set a model folder. Set it to the folder you store your ESRGAN models in (or an empty folder if you don't have an yet).
  • Open the "Dependency Checker" window by clicking the icon with a chechbox in it at the top right corner.
  • You now need to install Python and some packages. There are two options to do this:
    A: Install Python yourself, then install Pytorch and OpenCV.
    B: Let Cupscale do the job for you - Click on "Embedded Python Installer" on the left and hit the button to install everything you need. This will take a few minutes.
  • The Dependency Checker should now tell you that you can upscale with CUDA (if you have an Nvidia GPU). You are ready!